Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thursday - Full Collapse - 10th Anniversary Tour

I dreamed this day would come. This album anniversary tour thing seems to be the trend these days. I feel like the Pixies started it off with the Doolittle tour or Sonic Youth with Daydream Nation then the Flaming Lips, MMJ, Weezer and others followed.

When I first heard Thursdays Full Collapse it was a style like nothing had ever heard. The term "screamo" gets tossed around and stuck to tons MTV friendly bands these days but Thursday was the originator...and it was done well. At least for Full Collapse. I liked hardcore...I liked melodic punk...I liked hard rock...these guys combined the three in a way that wasn't prevalent amongst any bands back in 2001. Please pickup this album if you like hardcore rock and roll. The later albums were decent...but nothing could ever compare to Full Collapse. Its been a constant listen among my collection over the past 10 years. Can't wait to see this live.

They are also sharing this tour with Underoath...another great hardcore screamer...I think they are a christian band? Serious. I have a few of their albums...pretty intense.