Sunday, January 3, 2021

CugeRock 2020 Year End Playlist

Hello! It's been a while since my last post and I guess "some stuff" has happened since. Major happenings. Thank God my family and friends are healthy and safe. I wish the same to you and yours. 

So...spending the past 10 months indoors, out on the back porch or back yard was very much conducive to listening to new music and exploring new bands, genres etc. 

Thanks to Spotify I have discovered so many bands and sounds that I've compiled into a massive playlist over the past year. That said, instead of a "Top Albums of the Year" post I thought I would whittle down this 200+ song collection to a 60 song CugeRock 2020 year end playlist and share out. 

This playlist consists of some new bands (to me) with new tracks from 2020, new bands with older tracks, a few old favorites with new tracks and old tracks alike. Like 2020 this playlist is all over the place. The bands, tracks and albums are below (no particular order/ranking). You can access the playlist HERE

This past year reinforced to me how much music is therapy and how much I love seeing live shows. Man, I miss them so so much. Please support "Save Our Stages" if you haven't already. 

I hope you enjoy these songs as much as my family and I have (yes, our almost 4 year old son is a dance machine - See track #50). 

I will once again quote Mike D from the Beastie Boys...

"I've been through many times in which I thought I might lose it. The only thing that saved me, has always been music."

Here's to brighter days, more music and the return of live shows in 2021. XOXO