Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Album Reviews: Cheers, Ho-Hum & Jeers

Ok. So I've purchased a heroic amount of music this summer thus far. Ran across some real gems but the majority of bands I was pretty stoked for...really let me down. Here is a quick rundown of highlighted Cheers, Ho-Hums & Jeers.


Savages - Silence Yourself

The music is tight. The vocals are solid. They sound like a mix of Suede, Autolux and Fugazi. The sound is fresh and the hooks are quick and loud. Refreshing (see also Jeers)

Appleseed Cast - Illumination Ritual

Just recently fell in love with their older albums. This new release it right up there with the old favorites. You need to put these guys on and kick back for a bit...really absorb this one.


The Thermals - Desperate Ground

I like this album cause I love their sound but there is absolutely nothing new here. No real departures across any of the tracks. One of the best live shows still though.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Mosquito

I don't know why with every release I always they will ever go back to the Fever To Tell, Is Is EP or even Show Your Bones sound. There is a few stellar tracks on here but for the mostly part its the same progressive snooze.


Phoenix - Bankrupt!

Such a disappointment. The last two albums were phenoms. On Bankrupt there is absolutely zero emphasis on guitars. I cant really find any tracks that I thoroughly enjoy. Entertainment...maybe. Its all electro fuzz and boring. What happened fellas?

Cold War Kids - Dear Miss Lonleyhearts

Speechless. So boring. They have some explaining to do. It was a few years ago but Loyalty to Loyalty was such a rocking album. Not understanding why the new tracks are so mellow. 

Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City

I think out of all of the releases this summer I was looking forward to this one the most. From the album title to the iconography of the cover etc. I really dug the first two albums. They were smart, punchy guitar ridden easy listeners. The new one is incredibly boring. Maybe I need a few listens but none of the songs grabbed me like the other albums. Goes back to the absence of guitar which I've seen with a few other artists. I get want to expand your art...but there needs to be a core element that you hold onto. I should have known what was coming when the performed on SNL with a voice modulator.


Just wanted to note that the new Suede (Bloodsports) and Bob Mould (Silver Age) albums are really good. Now if Suede would ever come to the states...