Friday, September 16, 2011

Let's Talk Nada Surf For A Moment Shall We?

Ok. Lets get this out of the way. I'm sorry for my lack of posts over the summer. Its been busy on the cugefront. Changed jobs, weddings, had some family milestones etc. I actually saw DFA79 during that time (Brooklyn) but it was literally hottest day on record in NYC so sorry for not jumping on my laptop afterwards. No excuse...despite the heat the show was incredible (worthy of the shirt in my cugerock pic and decal on my Honda).

I actually ran into a few people at the thousand weddings I attended over the summer that commented on my lack of content. I was initially flattered that they followed Cugerock then very disappointed at myself for being MIA. Apologies.

I was/am going to come back with a post surrounding the many albums I've been listening to this summer (Joy Formidable, Cults, Washed Out etc) but had to take a brief moment and discuss Nada Surf.

So I got the three Nada Surf albums I own (Let Go, Lucky, The Weight Is a Gift) on shuffle "on the pod" and it got me thinking - "man these guys are good, I wonder if they're playing any upcoming shows....wait...didn't they have a new album come out last year?". So I got into work and checked their site. No shows in NYC in Then I remembered that the album If I had a Hi-Fi came out in 2010 but I never listened to it. The next step there was to go to Pitchfork to see if they reviewed it. No....they didn't...but they did review Let's Go...and gave it a 3.8. I was mystified. Then I read the review.

Doooooouche. He obviously only knows Nada Surf from their 90s one MTV hit wonder Popular. He rips on song titles containing the chorus lyrics? Welcome to pop music asshole. You need to look at certain bands and their genres for what they Nada Surfs case...its indie pop. Deal with it. I usually get angry when reviewers knock albums that I have an affinity for but in this case I was more confused and amused by his lack of rationale.

Let Go is a phenomenal album. Blizzard of '77 should be on every mix anyone's ever compiled. It's one of those records that immediately brings me back to a time and place....specifically to my days living in the East Village in my 20s. Its one of the top records in my collection and I forgot how good the other two albums are as well. Given these guys do live in NYC I guess I have a better appreciation of the lyrics (see also: Paper Boats) but the album is solid for any rock fan in any city. Yeah...there are a few misses on Let Go...mainly the song in French (and its nothing against the language..I'm a HUGE Stereolab fan) but all-in-all its a top notch effort. Psyched for future recordings/shows and will now think twice before referencing critics reviews.

Jaysus...I have Spotify...why don't I use it more or buck-up for the mobile app. Need to make some changes peeps. Fall is coming. Yes! No more sweat and bring on the sweatshirts!

Here's some Nada Surf videos. Enjoy.