Friday, December 12, 2008

Album Review: Fucked-Up – The Chemistry of Common Life

This wont be a long review cause I don’t have much to say expect this band is about as ROCKIN as you can get (can’t you tell by the name?). Now the album leads in with some solo-flute notes...then all hell breaks loose…sort-a. The music on the album is something you just want to crank when you’re psyched about something in your life or incredibly pissed about something in you life. It’s straight up hard-rock with a dash of indie/fuzz elements (if that makes any sense). I honestly never heard of this band. I think they are former Canadian hard-core kids. I was “intrigued” by the title. Pitchfork made them out as metal but anyone who knows metal knows this isn’t metal (say that phrase as fast as you can). If they were hardcore they’ve sonically moved on but there are some ghosts in the album.

CAVEAT: One thing to note is the Fucked-Up vocalist is a little harsh if you can get past that you’ll love this album. You can take the hardcore out of the music but not out of the vocals.

TANGENT ALERT: It’s a recurring attribute for certain “alt” bands such Sleater Kinney (Corin Tucker), Fugazi (Guy Picciotto), Pissed Jeans, Blood Brothers (Johnny Whitney), Modest Mouse (early albums before they sucked), The Kinison etc…etc. Either you love-em or hate-em. I happen to absolutely love all of them albeit most of them are out of commission/on-hiatus. But I am honestly still warming up to this Fucked-Up vocalist. It took me an album or two for Sleater Kinney back in the day as well. The Fucked-Up music is so damn good I think I’ll get past it.

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