Monday, January 12, 2009

Album Review: Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes

Beard-Rock alert (air-raid sirens sound) So I read up a lot about the band Fleet Foxes compiled with a number of recommendations from my friends/relatives who I trust. Seeing as they will be on SNL this weekend I thought I’d get my review in. I guess I was a “late adopter” for this band. I had downloaded a few of tracks a while ago then recently “completed my album” in regards to the self-titled debut LP. When you listen to Ragged Wood…lets be honest…it sounds like it could have been pulled from an older My Morning Jacket album like It Still Moves (kick-ass record btw). There are similarities between the lead vocalist and Jim James from MMJ on certain tracks. I’m still trying to get past that. That said Ragged Wood is phenomenal song. There is a Grateful Dead-esque break in the middle which I surprisingly enjoy. The album as a whole is fantastic but nothing new or earth shattering in my opinion. The music is on the mellower side but sonically perfect. White Winter Hymnal has a very unique sound and vocal harmony which is epic in scale. Tracks like Blue Ridge Mountains, Your Protector and Oliver James tell stories that one can visualize with great detail (depending on the strength of you imagination). If that makes any sense. When I listened to the album in its entirety recently I was cruising down the PA turnpike towards the western burbs with snow flurries coming down. It was the perfect setting as the album reminds me of driving through the country during the autumn or winter. I feel like the album is seasonal…like a September-March album (??). Most of the time when I think “seasonal” I usually concentrate on albums that would be summertime hits (Beach/Backyard BBQ/Shoes/Pong). This album I’m not sure I could pump when it’s 78 and sunny (maybe at night when it cools to 66 degrees). Is the album worthy of the top ‘08 rankings? Ofcourse. I love the album and strongly recommend you pick it up as you won’t be disappointed. There are a few tracks off the previous Sun Giant EP which are "easy-on-the-ears" as well (Mykonos/English House). Does the Fleet Foxes self-titled LP warrant the #1 top-spot on PM’s ’08 album ranking? I personally don’t think so but not many people agree with my top ’08 picks (hence why I encourage comments). Maybe the FF album is like one of those movies that gets so hyped up that it lays down a sub-conscious bias or unrealistic expectation when finally viewed. Or maybe I’m just a bad critic. Meh. Go Eagles.


HamOnWheat said...

Havent heard FF much but from your description they sound like another beard-band, Midlake. Who I cannot listen to a whole album. Midlake does have great beards though

Chris said...

just wanted to drop a kudos on the label assigned to this post. great job