Thursday, February 26, 2009


The only potential reunion that ever mattered to me (besides Pavement). Graham is back on board and they are starting off with some Hyde Park shows in foggy London town (on American Independence day weekend). Anyone want to fly out there with me? (I think the shows sold out in a matter of nanoseconds) Well...if not I'm sure we can look forward to some shows stateside in late '09 or early '10 depending on if they are recording or not...which I believe they are. Why do some 90's alt-rock reunions never result in new material? Some actually do which can be incredible (Dinosaur Jr) or "sub-par" (Breeders). I'd like the Pixies or Swervedriver to come out with some new stuff...otherwise you just know these reunions are "forced" by reasons of increased mortgage rates etc. Duh. I'm sure they all are but they don't have to make it obvious by not writing any new songs. My zero cents.

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Peter Yaron said...

Sorry I missed you in Phil, haven't checked in for a bit permit me to back it up a bit....Hip-Hop has been dead since 'Get Rich or Die Tryin' and probably even before that....the title is self explanatory as to why it happened, can besides a handful of songs and maybe albums what hasn't been about money? bad lyrics are now just covered up with 'robo'-effects and glossy production and beats. I miss the days of crap beats and production but killer lyrics and flow (Eric B. , Pete Rock, Puba , Kool G., etc.) Its dead for god sakes if they play it on wwe wrestling and hockey games. i remember going to hockey games and hearing Eddie Money and shit......good reviews