Thursday, March 26, 2009

Phoenix on SNL?

Wtf. Sometimes bands go on SNL that are virtually unheard of in the mainstream...but not very often. Music snobs like me would like to keep it that way. This reminds me of when Teenage Fanclub was on SNL when I was a kid (which exposed me to the "Bandwagonesque" album which changed my life). Crap...I guess I should let go of my snobbery/sell-out-itis from my 20's and be psyched...I am. More psyched for the new album to come out. The last Phoenix album ("It's Never Been Like That") is in my tops of all time/thus far. At least America Ferrara, Steve Martin or Michael Phelps isn't hosting. When is Robert Loggia gonna host? Robert Loggia.

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Anonymous said...

Nice. I love Robert Loggia. When you coming through NYC again, Tommy?