Friday, December 7, 2012

Pilot To Gunner Is Back In Action

My buddy Scott (who introduced me to Pilot To Gunner back in the day) recently commented in passing that he had thought they had new music out. I couldn't believe it...dismissed it as they've been MIA for years...then when a track came up on my shuffle the other day it prompted me to do some research. Eight years later Pilot To Gunner is album Guilty, Guilty is out...and it sounds excellent.

Can't find much detail on touring but it looks like they played a show at St. Vitus Bar in Brooklyn in October. Lets hope for more shows. I saw them open for Trail of Dead (I think) back when Get Saved came out in 2004.  I may or may not have spoken to them at a bar afterwards (one of those nights). All I know is that they we're neighbors to one of my buddies in Williamsburg so they landed at one of the local watering holes after the show.

Guilty, Guilty takes the best elements out of Games At High Speeds and Get Saved (both stellar albums) and makes for a more refined sounding record. Scott Padden has one of those unique voices that makes PTG a cut above similar sounding punk rock outfits.

Can't wait for some shows...fingers crossed!

Here are some videos to wet your beak including a few live tracks from the St. Vitus show.  TGIF.

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