Friday, June 19, 2009


….now whether they're bringing “sexy” with them is another story.

(eyes closed, fingers-crossed with a rabbits-foot dangling from my wrist) Please have Roxichord on the new album…oh PLEEEEEEASE. I miss you Sam. Your guitar skills are great but it’s the Roxichord (distorted clavinet-ish, guitar sounding organ thingy) which hooked me from the beginning (Our Happiness is Guaranteed…first Quasi song ever heard…but that’s a whole other post). I know you dig it out for live shows but I need some new tracks son. Bottom line…we need another Sword of God. A live Quasi show is something to be seen my friends (saw Sam hump the keyboards a few times). Just seeing Janet drum in general is a thing of beauty.

Fun Facts: I saw Quasi so many times when I lived in NYC that my cousin Danny and I (Cugini means “cousins” in Italian btw…look it up) went on the “Quasi Tour 2002” seeing them in Manhattan (Brownies), Brooklyn (Coney Island) and Jersey (Maxwell’s) over a 5-day period. Here is the set list I swiped from under Sam's Roxichord after the Brownies show.

We were going to talk to Sam & Janet…but we were pretty hammered. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a white loose-leaf sheet of paper under the keyboards. So I went for it! (cougar sound). I was acting all stealthy-like (sweating, drunk, heart racing, giggling). It was the best feeling I’ve ever had. Second best feeling - When the opening band was playing at Maxwell’s (during Cugini Quasi Tour ’02) I realized that I was standing next to Janet Weiss (Quasi/Sleater Kinney/SM & the Jicks). We were sort of off to the right towards the back of the crowd. In a bold move I brushed-up against her (my lower forearm to her upper – she’s kinda short). Only so I could say to my friends “I touched Janet Weiss” (sounds creepier then it is….oooor not). I’ve been bragging about it ever since. Pathetic. Oh and I also shook Heidi Klum’s hand (not a joke). Been bringing that one up for years. (see also: pathetic).

A year prior to the CQT02 we saw Quasi at the Knitting Factory down in lower Manhattan on Leonard Street…not even a week after 9/11. They just started letting people back down below Delancey St. I’ll never forget the smell (like turpentine mixed with gasoline and burnt rubber x1000) before and after the show. During the show I didn’t really think of what was going on outside the venue. Thank God for music. xoxo

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Peter Yaron said...

Was introduced to Quasi much after this time you describe but some of the music in my opinion ever. Has everything I could possibly want; great sound, original, funny and irreverent but interesting lyrically, introspective but in not a too serious a way so it's kind of a piss take on themselves in way. And in my opinion it's always nice to see musicians who don't regard themselves as a gift to modern-day society. You can enjoy them on so many different levels and in any mood because there is so much in there. Look forward to their next. Would die to go to a show.....