Friday, June 5, 2009


Is anyone else sick of hearing about Neutral Milk Hotel or Jeff Mangums latest projects…none of them ever involving new music. “NMH help save a carousel”…”Jeff Mangum joins the circus”. If it isn’t about Neutral Milk Hotel or Jeff Mangum recording new music then I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT. Then there will be articles about speculation of Mangum maybe…maybe…hopefully…oh god please…showing up to play acoustic at some Elephant 6 collective or Merge related event. Does it ever happen…no. Please comment on this post and correct me if I’m wrong. It’s like Jeff Magnum thinks he’s the living ghost of Jeff Buckley, Elliot Smith or Kurt Cobain...oh…what’s that? HE’S ALIVE?!!! Record some new shit Man-gum. I can only be this harsh because I enjoyed NMH albums so much and think Jeff is a gifted musician/vocalist. It absolutely KILLS me that they haven’t put anything out since the late 90s (see also: Fugazi). Why do they keep getting press like they’re still an active band? Enough already!!! I am so fucking mad at bands that put out absolute life-changing music then fade into obscurity after a few albums…think about the fans for once ya jerks. (sigh…eyes closed) I need a Mr. Pibb.

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